For my first blog post, I’ve decided to use it to explain what 54 Staples will be about. An introduction – no make that a disclaimer – of what this blog will (or more importantly) will not be. I hope that you enjoy the ride.

I’ve been debating whether to write a blog for over 2 years now. Initially, I almost felt as if I was being “pressured” into doing it. Blogging appeared to be the new buzzword in the education field – everyone kept telling me “oh you have to write a blog” or “blogging is the only way for you to establish yourself as a professional educator”. Many of my colleagues had already started theirs, and so it only seemed logical that I begin one too.

But what would I write about?
Who would read my blog?
What would I get out of blogging?

Then, during a trip to China last summer, I started to realize just how much fun blogging could be. As part of my experience in the Far East, I decided to stay connected with friends & family back home through a travel blog on TravelPod. The site is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to document their travel adventures. Moreover, it also works in countries where various forms of social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are blocked for one reason or another. You can post through various platforms, and can include pictures & videos. The site also hosts a geo-tagging service where it will create a custom map of the locations you visit. To top it off, you can even have a bound, printed version of your blog created as a keepsake.

During that trip to China, I discovered a few things about blogging:

  1. Blogging isn’t always about creating articles for a targeted audience.
  2. Blogging allows individuals to express themselves by using a format that has steadily disappeared over the last decade or so – the written word.
  3. Blogging can be used as a way for others to discover or enrich their learning about infinite subjects.
  4. Blogging is an extension of individuals to learn more about themselves.

I am a father to a 7 year-old boy. Husband to a beautiful, caring, and understanding wife. I’m an avid geek when it comes to pop culture, social media, and my PS4. I’ve been a high school Math teacher for over 13 years. Many things have changed during the course of my career’s infancy: the curriculum, the students, my classroom, and the way information is deployed. I love my job, the students, and working with my colleagues. I enjoy going into work with the idea of being able to help mold and instill confidence in young people every day.

Recently however, I have found myself wanting more – a way to interact and connect with other people about the subjects and stories that are important to me. Not only that, I also feel like I have arrived at a point in my life where I may have a few stories of my own to share as well. I have always considered myself to be a strong writer (sometimes I picture myself as a veritable Clark Kent behind the typewriter at the Daily Planet), and have a knack for using interesting vocabulary and vernacular. Plus, being fortunate enough to be able to put down on (digital) paper my thoughts on a plethora of subjects may just make for an interesting read for others some day. Heck – even my son may one day want to sit down and read what his old man though about certain things.

Hence, the advent of 54 Staples.
This is my blog manifesto:

54 Staples is a blog offering “observational factoids” about the nuances of life. Small snippets of the things I may see every day, and their juxtaposition in the larger scheme of things. Light-hearted, and oftentimes comical, 54 Staples is a cathartic, yet narcissistic way for me to be able to discuss topics I find relevant & interesting. I am not offering advice, nor am I taking sides. 54 Staples is not my digital soapbox on which to prophesize about what’s ailing the world. Life’s too short to dwell upon such things – better to focus on the things which bring joy to one’s life. And while I hope to run the gamut of topics that matter most to me – education, technology, parenting, & travel – I just hope to entertain my readers as they tag along for the ride.

‘Til the next post.