Field trip! Today we visited the Shaolin Monk Temple in Dengfeng. The grounds were immaculate – manicured green spaces nestled into the natural landscape. It was very zen. Enjoy!

Originally posted 25/06/14 on TravelPod.

Along the way, we visited several different areas of the grounds. The first was a temple area dedicated to Buddha and the Buddhist faith. The architecture and materials used to construct the temples is centuries old, but the Monks, through their numerous fund-raising initiatives, have maintained the structures like new. Adjacent to the temples was various alcoves housing living quarters, the pharmacy, and school rooms.

The next area we visited was the Shaolin Monk cemetery, a more subdued & sombre area The cemetery was adorned with multi-storied pagodas representing several Monks, often from the same troop or family.

We ended today’s visit with a show demonstrating the various skills and talents of the Shaolin warriors. Their adept artistry when using either their bodies or actual physical weapons were impressive they also displayed their uncanny ability to channel their “inner peace” and perform feats which defy normalcy (unpainful piercings, glass/ceramic breaking, etc. ). The show highlighted the strength, dedication, and mystique which surrounds the Shaolin Monks.