Road trip to the wonderful city of Xi’an! Enjoy!

Originally posted 28/06/14 on TravelPod.

Today was such an exciting day. We departed from Luoyang in the morning and travelled by bus to the beautiful city of Xi’an. Along the 5 hour ride to Xi’an, I noticed that China really is in the middle of a boom – most of the infrastructure for the autoroutes are new, while those that already exist are modern & efficient. Not only that, but large, skyscraper style apartment complexes are everywhere. Massive buildings which can accommodate thousands are everywhere. China appears to be fiercely entering the 21st century.

When we arrived in Xi’an, we ate lunch and then went straight to the city ramparts which have an incredible view. For a small fee, people could rent a bicycle and ride the entire length of the wall. Xi’an, despite being older than Beijing, has more of a modern tone to it. Numerous people here speak English, and there are noticeably more “foreigners”. What really interested me was meeting Australian tourists who were sharing the same experience as us. They reminded us of what an unbelievable opportunity we are taking part in. How often do you get to walk along the same path taken by other almost 600 years ago?

After visiting the city fortifications, we headed towards an art museum affiliated with one of the 50 universities located in Xi’an. All of the artwork that was displayed in the museum were all originals from art students the visit also included a brief calligraphy class where we learned the 8 basic brushstrokes. Not easy. Not easy at all.

We had an amazing tour guide who was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She guided us around the museum and gave us a brief description of the paintings. She also explained to us important events that happened in the dynasties from which the specific paintings were from.

After the museum, we headed to our next destination which was the Wild Goose Pagoda. Adjacent to the pagoda was a series of fountains which performed to music, music like those found at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

By the time we arrived at the hotel, I was spent. After a brief chat with family members back home, I crashed hard onto my box spring and fell asleep quickly.